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At Inspired Minds we believe our role is to help children reach their full potential through love and education. We want children “to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”.

We aim to provide a child-initiated programme to encourage each individual child’s development. We want to encourage children to become lifelong learners by developing intellectual curiosity and a thirst for discovery and achievement. We hold key dispositions such as confidence, curiosity, independence, creativity, perseverance and empathy in high regard and as the tools for lifelong success.

 To help shape the positive dispositions of our Tamariki we will engage in positive, respectful relationships with the children and whanau.  Children will feel valued and will be able to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings to interested and caring adults. We want children to feel Joy, Love, Peace and Happiness while they are in the Inspired Minds environment. Friendships, kindness, social competency and positive communication will be emphasised and role modelled by adults.

Parents and whanau will be our partners in the enabling process of care and education.  We strive for face to face communication with whanau. We respect the Treaty of Waitangi and understand its significance in Aotearoa where a bi-cultural and multicultural society are embraced and celebrated in its entirety. We will uphold te Tiriti o Waitangi through protection, participation, and partnership with the Tamariki, whanau, te reo Maori and environment . 

We understand that the environment the children are in shapes their learning. We will allow children to take risks, challenge themselves and discover personal success. We understand the importance of nature in children’s learning. We will enable them to develop their own relationship with nature and a respect for it.  We will support this connection to nature through learning to care for the environment and their surroundings.


Our Fabulous Teaching Team

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Kia ora

I am originally from the beautiful Waitakere City (west Auckland). I have been working in Early Childhood for the last 12 or so years in Auckland.  I was lucky enough to stumble into Early Childhood education while doing my Bachelors of Education Primary.  Because the early years in a child’s development has such a huge impact on a child’s life I was determined to play my part as teacher and I knew I could do more as an Early Childhood teacher rather than a primary teacher. 

 My parents  and a few awesome teachers have taught and role modelled to me the importance of respect, imagination, and patience. I do my best every day to role model that to my 4 year old son and 17month old girl and all the children under my care at Inspired Minds. At work I love having the opportunity to watch and be part of the children’s natural development and see them developing their skills for life every day. 

Before starting Inspired Minds Early Learning Centre I have worked as a teacher, team leader and the last position I held was a Centre Director in Auckland for a large Early Childhood centre. 

In my spare time I love to keep active.  As a new member to the beautiful northland community my wife and I like to take our son to the different beaches, parks and walks in Whangarei.  I like to fish and was playing rugby up until moving to Whangarei this summer.    I keep a friendly blue dragon under my house the children like to hear stories about.  My favourite superheros are Wolverine and Scrooge McDuck.  I can’t wait to get to know you and your child more.  

Favourite Quote "Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!" Dr Seuss


Kia ora

I am originally from South Africa, been in NZ 17 years now. Been in the early childhood industry for 16.

I Started my training toward the Bachelor of teaching ( ECE) in NZ and graduated in 2012. I have worked in various centres and age groups and owned a homebased childcare as well where I was a mentoring teacher. I started my career after school as a police officer and met my husband there who was also in the police. We got married in 1995 and I gained two step children and we had two more boys of which one was born in NZ.

We moved to NZ in 2003 as my husbands family was already here having moved over a few years earlier. My stepdaughter lives here with her kiwi husband and our 4 grandchildren. Isabella that attends the centre is my grand baby. My stepson lives in the UK. My two boys are aged 22 and 14.

I have a great passion for nature and primary caregiving and was fortunate to have been offered a place in Daniel’s teaching team . Inspired Minds have an awesome reputation as an excellent centre. I will devote myself to caring for and nurturing your tamariki so that they reach their full potential 








Hey guys. My name is Shelley. I live here in Whangarei with my partner. Before becoming a member of the amazing team here at Inspired Minds Early Learning Centre I worked down the road at another centre for 6 years. I have two older sisters and I am a pretty cool Aunty to two adorable nephews and one beautiful niece. My favourite thing to do is jump in the car and just cruise. We always end up at the beach or find a stunning bay to admire. My family is everything to me. The majority of the time we are spending time together having laughs, making memories and eating food. Nearly seven years ago I became a teacher because I found out that my love for children was a passion for children. I felt like I could make a positive influence in their live. It is such a great feeling knowing that the children are gaining new knowledge about themselves. Not only are they learning everyday but also they are teaching me. Watching the children try new experiences would ave to be the best part of my day. I work with such an amazing team who I learn so much from and inspire me.  We all work extremely well together and I couldn’t ask for anything better. My favourite colour is yellow. I love to swim. Bacon carbonara is my go to food and Winnie the Pooh is my childhood favourite character. I am a very bubbly person who loves to have a whole lot of fun and laughs I cant wait to meet you.

Favourite quote “a teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart” 


Kia ora whanau!
My name is Renee and I just wanted to say 'Hi!' and tell you a little about myself.

I grew up just around the corner from here and went to Tikipunga High..( a few years ago now!)
I was an exchange student in Sweden before I moved to Auckland to get a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Auckland University. I ended up staying in Auckland 9 years before I decided to come back to my hometown. There's no place like home right? :)

I have a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Ece) and have enjoyed working with various age groups at different centres here in Whangarei. The speed in which young children learn and grow is amazing. I love being a teacher and encouraging children to believe in themselves.